Sharif Tval

I'm a foreign student living in Moscow, I have been facing the problem of obesity for more than 10 years already! I always wanted to make the Ring surgery, but I was very afraid to make it in Moscow. Anyhow, I kept hearing from different people about an amazing doctor, his name is Rashid Gamidovich.

I decided to check and call this doctor to make an appointment for a consultation.

Directly after the consultation I took my decision of doing the surgery, after couple of days I was already laying in my bed, getting ready for the surgery. The surgery was done successfully, no pain, no suffer.

I was amazed by the kindness of my doctor, he was continuously calling me to check on me, and visiting me every day after the surgery.

Now, I've lost some weight, I'm very satisfied with the surgery, I took off my stitches and guess what? Nothing is shown! So I really want to thank Dr. Rashid for helping me and opening me the doors for a new life!